Established: 1991
    Workforce: 25
    Location: Ronkonkoma, NY
    Facility: 17500 sq. feet
    Other Locations:
            Guadalajara, Mexico


    North Atlantic Components, Inc.     is an ISO 9001:2000 certified     independent distributor of     electronic components. We pride     ourselves on fast delivery,     competitive pricing, and an
    on-going commitment to     complete customer satisfaction.


    A $25 million company     supporting the high tech     manufacturing industry.


    Proven strong financial     performance toward overall     profitability with 13 years of     continuous growth and     expansion throughout our entire     history.


    As a global leader in electronic     component sourcing we support     an extensive line card for both     active and passive components.


    A franchised distributor for
    Cal-Chip, an excellent source for     passive surface mount products,     and Keltron Connectors, a     leading manufacturer of high     quality commercial electronic     connectors.


     North Atlantic Components, Inc. is an Independent distributor of electronic  components. We pride ourselves in fast delivery, competitive pricing, and a  commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

    North Atlantic Components was established in 1991 and has become an established  force in electronic component procurement. We are a New York  based company, with  our main office in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, and a satellite  office in Guadalajara,  Mexico.

    North Atlantic Components currently stocks over 10000 line items and have  increased our inventory since moving to our new location. Our facility has  provided  us with room for future growth in our sales, purchasing, and data entry  departments.  We have also incorporated a new state-of-the-art computer  system.

    Our computer system has enabled us to better serve our customers through  increased sourcing capabilities, improved response times to customer inquiries,  and  an overall enhancement to communications through telephone, fax, or email.  Our  proprietary database includes over 7000 vendors and over 35 million line  items  available to us. Our database is updated with both vendors and over  50,000 new line  items on a daily basis.

    Since 1995, North Atlantic Components has maintained an internet presence  through our site www.northatlantic.com . With the introduction of the Internet,  our  industry has changed. The manufacturing of electronic devices is growing at  an  unbelievable rate. You see devices such as cellular phones, palm pilots, laptop  computers, mp3 players, video game consoles, etc. utilized all over the world, by  all  different types of people. Most of these devices are becoming more  mainstream. With  this acceptance by society, the demand for the electronic  components needed to build  these devices increases, North Atlantic Components  will be there to meet that  demand.

    This demand is forcing independent distributors to work harder and more  efficiently. North Atlantic Components has grown to be a global leader in  electronic  component sourcing.

    Analysts expect the demand for semiconductors to increase at an alarming  rate.  Various sectors of the semiconductor market will lead this large increase in  demand.  The demand for NAND, DRAM, Flash Memory, and Passive  Components will all be  major contributing factors to the increase of demand.  Most of the portable electronic  devices being prduced require flash memory,  DRAM, or a combination of both. The  consumer electronic market is moving  towards making devices that are smaller,  lighter, and more efficient. As  manufacturing shifts towards this goal, OEM's will  require more passive  components. For example a typical cellular phone contains  hundreds of passive  components, but only a few IC's. We expect to meet the  challenges of this growth  through our own growth and expansion. We are  aggressively seeking new  sources for components both domestic and international.  With a wider range of  sources, North Atlantic Components, will be able to offer a  wider array of  components and, at the same time, be able to improve response time  to our  customers. We want to take the work out of sourcing components, by supplying  our customers with a "one-stop" source for all their component needs.

    As the market for electronic components changes, North Atlantic Components  will  also change. As we have seen from the past change is necessary in order to  move  forward. We are starting to aquire franchised lines to better serve the  ever-changing  needs of our customers and potential customers. We expect our  sales and sourcing  capabilities to increase at a rate that follows the demand for  electronic components.

    The world is demanding more from us, the electronics industry, and North  Atlantic  Components will supply that demand aggressively, by using every  resource available  to us. We are constantly implementing methods that improve  upon our already  successful strategy. North Atlantic Components will lead  electronic component  distribution in the 21st century and beyond.